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A family-owned business established in 1989 as a trailblazer in the field, with over three decades of expertise in plastic recycling technology, has effectively deployed over 600+ of its systems worldwide.


Years Of Industry Experience

In 2005, they constructed a cutting-edge facility in Virar, Mumbai, boasting the capability to produce and evaluate 9 to 10 recycling machines monthly. This factory is fully equipped with in-house manufacturing resources, all housed under one roof, including CNC, VMC, and proprietary screw and barrel (Bi-Metalli).

A state-of-the-art factory established in 2005 at Virar, Mumbai Capable of manufacturing and testing 9 to 10 recycling machines per month Equipped with in-house manufacturing facilities, including CNC, VMC, and proprietary screw and barrel (Bi-Metalli)

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We are recycling not only to protect environment, but also for economic reason as well. Disposal is simply too costly and dangerous too. Also buying new raw material is costly than recycling the waste.

Gautam Makhija


Suraj Makhija


KBM mission is to create the Green Environment with saving the Environment and the World from the pollution and recycling the waste.


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