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PET Recycling

PET Recycling

The KBM PET Recycling line is state-of-the-art recycling technology for the in-house recycling of PET flakes from bottles, preforms, strapping bands and sheets as well as for the recycling of post-consumer bottle flakes after the washing process. The end product is melt- filtrated, uniform granulate that can be used for a wide range of applications (containers, sheets, fibers and nonwovens, strapping).

⦁ This Compactor System is designed to different input material and the changing requirements of RPET users.



⦁ The machine is fully automated and is user friendly that leads to high efficiency and fast ROI.



⦁ flakes are well treated, avoiding dust, high IV loss and degradation.



⦁ Direct material flow at the melt filtration reduces stress of material. Finest filtration is available on request.



⦁ Pelletizer system is adjustable to suit the right size and bulk density.


Pre heating and drying of PET flakes are very important that can be done by Hot Air blowing and Vacuum. The special design of the dryer outlet results in center flow prevention, consistent residence time. This ensures ideal preparation for the extrusion process with maintained IV level or with IV increase. Once installed, the unit can be equipped with an SSP reactor before or after extrusion to increase the viscosity.