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About Us

Family-owned business founded in 1989 as a pioneer in the industry, over the past 30 years of experience in plastic recycling technology which successfully installed more than 600+ of our systems are now in operation around the globe. It has a state of art factory built in 2005 at Virar, Mumbai with the capacity to manufacture and test 9 to 10 recycling machines per month. Factory equipped with inhouse manufacturing facility under one roof, including CNC, VMC and own screw and barrel (Bi-Metalli

So why should you buy your next plastic recycling machine from us? Here's a big WHY

KBM is the India’s number one manufacturer and globally recognized developing and manufacturing of plastic recycling machines and components. We design our machine to be simple and focus on what is most important for plastic producers are looking for an easy and stable operations.

We helped worldwide plastic producers to reprocess their post-industrial and post-consumer waste back into high quality pallets in simple and easy way.

Our major focus is on operational reliability, high performance, innovation and durability.

KBM platform are combination of high performance, technology that are better and advanced engineering. That is why our R & D team consisting of well qualified specialist carried out research activities for new recycling systems.  

By developing and marketing recycling lines, we at recycling technology enhance the ecological and economical sustainability of our customers. We support to our customer with comprehensive knowledge and experience with regards to market and end




We are recycling not only to protect environment, but also for economic reason as well. Disposal is simply too costly and dangerous too. Also buying new raw material is costly than recycling the waste.

Gautam Makhija


KBM mission is to create the Green Environment with saving the Environment and the World from the pollution and recycling the waste.

Suraj Makhija